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How We Are Different

Let's face it: the world doesn't need another "Relationship Guru" or "Pickup Artist" dishing out cookie cutter dating advice. Here are the six ways we are different from (and better than!) the others.

Enslavement, Not Seduction

"Seduction" is a fool's game. If you want a woman to stick with you forever, you must ENSLAVE her to you.

No "Pickup" Tricks

Pickup Artist or "PUA" tricks are juvenile, overused and just plain useless. It's time to get serious and learn what truly works.

Long-Term, Not Short-Term

Our method builds healthy, long-term relationships. Those looking for flimsy one-night stand "tricks" should go elsewhere.

Rooted In Science

Shogun Method is based on scientifically proven female psychology fundamentals as well as decades-old hypnosis principles.

100% Field-Tested

These techniques have worked for more than 12,000 men around the world, and they WILL work for you.

A Closed Community

You'll be joining the brotherhood of Shogun Method practitioners sworn to protect the sanctity of this precious knowledge.

It could be the best success story you could pass on. She is DYING to have me back. I hear this from her, her family members, and her friends (some of whom really want to fuck me... dumping a woman as hot as my ex carries a serious amount of sexual Plutonium).
Rick K. Click here for field reportShogun Method client
He messed up my psyche so bad with your methods, and convinced me that he loved me, just so that he could run all over me when I finally succumbed.
It's not too late to repent and to revoke this devil's program.
A Woman click here for full storyPersonal experience with Shogun Method
You're the best. Out of the 15 years or so I've been doing pickup, your material is the one that has stood the test of time and even helped to save my life with women. Good job!
Don J. Click here for field reportShogun Method client
How does he have such a powerful hold over me? All I can think about is "more". How can I break this spell? I wish he would snap his fingers and release me.
A Woman Click here for full storyPersonal experience with Shogun Method
Thanks Rake. I'm 53 and not ashamed to say I've been crushing wives, college girls, and last year a 20-year-old literally begged me to deflower her. Thanks again for your work.
A Leon. Click here for field reportShogun Method client

What Makes Shogun Method® Special

Here's why Shogun Method® is so effective - at its very core is the legendary I.R.A.E Model™, mapping the natural evolution of a healthy relationship through four stages: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement.

This is where the magic starts! You'll capture your woman's attention and make her fixated to you using simple (and effective) stories known as "Intrigue Pings".
You'll kick into high gear and develop intense emotional rapport with her. You'll also learn how to avoid "Contextual Rapport" (which leads to the friend zone), and increase her comfort levels with you with the Rapport Development Model (RDM).
This is where you'll make her fall hopelessly in love with you! Use Shogun Method's proprietary ENTICE/REPEL cycle technique to escalate from emotional rapport to love and intense passion.
Once you've gotten her to fall in love with you, the next step is to make her STAY in love with you... for as long as you want. Bulletproof your relationship by ENSLAVING her emotionally to you. This is where you'll use the legendary Black Rose Sequence on her. Once enslaved, the effect is permanent.
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